Digital Outreach Officer

(Outreach Team)

Position Description: 

The Website & Blog Outreach Officer position will involve a crucial role to the operations of InAGlobe. Responsibilities include:

·     Website update & maintenance

o  Projects, partners, general information, outreach channels

·     Blog update and maintenance

·     Managing social media presence as part of the Outreach team

·     Content creation and narrative building

Position Information

Type of work: Internship

Location: Flexible (Imperial College London and/or remote)

Timescale: 10 weeks (flexible dates) with potential for further involvement

Starting Date: Flexible, but as soon as possible is preferable


Application Form

In the form, include a paragraph on your background and motivations, and include answers to the following questions: 

1.    In your opinion, which is the biggest challenge our generation will face?

2.    Write about a time where you had to work autonomously, and the challenges you faced.

We encourage you to work in teams so if you are applying with some one, refer to them in the form ; otherwise we will allocate you in a team. We are also happy to answer any queries you may have!

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