Pill-Organiser for Self-Medication


A pill organiser for orphans in Casa do Gaiato-Maputo to self medicate appropriately. Motivated by the poor disease management due to limited number of healthcare workers.

Casa do Gaiato is an orphanage (amongst other things) 2 hours away from Maputo. In a country where 11.5% of the population is infected with HIV/AIDS, the orphanage is not exempt from this statistic. With the few health workers and significant treatment that is retroviral drugs, children find themselves undereducated and taking a lot of time and resources from the healthcare centre at the orphanage. Thus a proposed project by Fundación Mozambique Sur is the creation of a pillbox that informs the children when they need to take a specific pill. In addition to this, disease management is known to be poor but it is not quantified, so implementing a data acquisition process can shed light on how poor the disease management is, and it can aid to identify the children that are at higher risk of forgetting, and behavioural trends associated with their activities and age.

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Casa do Gaiato-Maputo, Boanne, Mozambique