At InAGlobe Education we source projects from field partners in humanitarian scenes, and here students, academics and sponsors can browse and express interest!


Mental Health Chatline

Status: undadopted

Suicide is a major problem that CCC is seeking to help prevent. A development of an anonymous chatline will allow those at risk to seek help.

Pill-Organiser for Self-Medication

Status: Adopted (Department of Bioengineering)

A pill organiser for orphans in Casa do Gaiato-Maputo to self medicate appropriately. Motivated by the poor disease management due to limited number of healthcare workers.

Low-Smoke Cooking Environment

Status: adopted (Engineering Change)

Develop a low-cost stove that produced little or no smoke; or an efficient extractor system that can be coupled to current cooking methods.

Low Emission Cashew Nut Processor

Status: adopted (Engineering Change)

Develop a Cashew Nut processor with low CO2 emissions, as current technologies are highly polluting.

Mobile Grain Network-Marketplace

Status: Unadopted

Create a mobile phone application that informs of the fair local market price for different kinds of food productions.

Adobe Isolating Paint

Status: unadopted

After every rainy season, mud-brick houses in Mozambique are heavily damaged. The development of a low-cost paint made out of locally sourced materials that protects the adobe.

Low-Cost Hospital Waste Treatment

Status: Unadopted

To reduce the overall cost of waste treatment from hospitals. Currently, this appears to be a crippling barrier for hospitals, that leads to poor waste management.

Water Storage System

Status: unadopted

Help finalise a project for water storage and irrigation system for Casa do Gaiato-Maputo.

Cashew Nut Residue Re-Purposing

Status: unadopted

Identify a way to re-purpose cashew nut waste in order to reduce waste and increase productivity of each cashew nut.

Nutrition Provision Ventures


Innovate a way of better distributing key foods that will help fight malnutrition.

Rethinking Latrines

status: unadopted

Build a low-cost, socially and culturally acceptable latrine that will avoid people using the sand at the beach as a toilet.

Point of Care Viral Hepatitis Device

status: adopted (department of Bioengineering, imperial college London)

Up to 80% of deaths due to viral hepatitis are not diagnosed before occurring. This project aims to create a POC device to improve results of the screening processes.

Groundwater Treatment

Status: UnAdopted

Water in rural Mozambique has often harmful levels of calcium and magnesium. Make a device that can make water more potable.

The Local Toilet Design Catalogue

status: adopted (engineering change)

Contribute to a permanent toilet designs to be built by local artisans using immediately available materials in the area surrounding Beira, Mozambique.

Septic Tank Project

status: adopted (engineering change)

Build a low-cost, locally-sourced and produced septic tank for a safe treatment and disposal of faecal waste.

Grain Storage Container

status: adopted (engineering change)

Find a low-cost and simple manner of storing grain efficiently such that it is void of disease and humidity.