Adobe Isolating Paint

September 2017, Mozambique

After every rainy season, mud-brick houses in Mozambique are heavily damaged. The development of a low-cost paint made out of locally sourced materials that protects the adobe.

At the beginning of every dry season, most Mozambicans living in rural areas, such as that of Cabo Delgado, find themselves having to rebuild their homes as a result of them being built over mud brick, and not withstanding the 4 month rainy season. As searching for new building methods and changing building materials poses a complexity that is very high; a proposed project is that of a spreadable fluid that can be used to make the mud brick impermeable. Thus the project is to develop this liquid/paint that can fabricated with local resources, and will help save the damage to the houses as a result of rain.

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Cabo Delgado, Mozambique