Mobile Grain Network-Marketplace

September 2017, Mozambique

Create a mobile phone application that informs of the fair local market price for different kinds of food productions.

Approximately, 80% of Mozambicans live off agriculture. However, farmers and herders often are misguided about the real price of their produce by middle-men that are in charge of moving the produce from the farms to the hubs for sale. The middle-men despite facilitating the market and storing grain, they take large cuts, and often inflating the price to such degree that when farmers want to buy food towards the end of the dry-season, the grain is far too expensive. This leads to people in rural areas from experiencing the highest incidences of malnutrition and malnourishment. Mozambicans use routinely their mobile phones, despite the basic operations that these run (in comparison to high-end smartphones); thus this poses an opportunity to create a rudimentary system that could allow a fair pricing of produce, in accordance to supply and thus a fair remuneration for their work.

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Cabo Delgado, Mozambique