Mental Health Chatline

November 2018, Sri Lanka

Suicide is a major problem that CCC is seeking to help prevent. A development of an anonymous chatline will allow those at risk to seek help.

Everyday 15 people commit suicide in Sri Lanka, and despite CCC’s efforts by providing a telephone helpline, there are still individuals that do not feel comfortable making vocal contact; and on top of this, vocal and auditory impaired individuals are not catered for. They have no way of utilising the helpline because of their physical disabilities. Thus CCC found an opportunity to reach these users experiencing suicidal thoughts via an online chatline. An independent platform where the telephone service can be paralleled. Users can maintain their concealment and thus feel more comfortable seeking support and guidance; and in addition, deaf and mute individuals can have access to anonymity and the support that CCC provides. A key aspect to the project will be the development of a chatline that ensures confidentiality. The chatline will hold relevant functionalities to mental health and will be multi-platform based, including an app and web-based messaging services.

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