Nutrition Provision Ventures

September 2017, Mozambique

Innovate a way of better distributing key foods that will help fight malnutrition.

Mozambique has struggled with malnutrition in it’s recent history, and often the problems are not in the supply of the nutrient but in the way it is distributed. A good example is that related to milk, the main cost of production for milk resides in the container in which it is sold, this naturally drives the price up of buying a milk carton, that is often goes off due to a lack of access to refrigeration. Thus a successfully implemented project by GAIN (Growth Alliance for Improved Nutrition) was that of a “milk ATM”, where the amount of milk needed is purchased and is distributed to containers owned by the customer. This also reduced waste creation in the areas where it was implemented. Thus this is an open project proposal to identify where technology can help fight malnutrition.

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Maputo, Mozambique