Septic Tank Project

october 2018, Mozambique

Build a low-cost, locally-sourced and produced septic tank for a safe treatment and disposal of faecal waste.

Currently, faecal waste despite being directed away from open defecation, still ends up in the sea or in nearby pits. This has both incredible environmental and health-related consequences, as well as economic impact. Mozambique boasts of a beautiful and expense coastline which has the potential to greatly activate its economy through tourism, yet open defecation and disposal into the sea of septic waste leads to this industry barely growing. This project seeks for the development of a septic tank that can store and treat faecal waste such as to avoid current practices. The aim is for this tank to be locally produced with the immediately available resources. The focus of SNV Mozambique is in the region surrounding the city of Beira, the second largest city in Mozambique, and this project has application both in urban and rural areas.

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Beira, Mozambique