Be part of the Change

Improve the quality of life in humanitarian scenes by connecting Academia with field partners to deliver impactful initiatives


Skills to Develop

The volunteering experience at InAGlobe will allow you to develop a series of highly valuable and marketable skills, these include:

  • Systems Thinking for critical analysis of complex, low-resource problem spaces

  • Creative application of your knowledge of technology to impact with innovation

  • Design Thinking and Human Centred Design to present long-term, sustainable solutions

  • Field and Academic partner outreach leading to a Network Effect


The format of the position allows teams of 2-4 individuals to undertake autonomous work but aid each other with design exercises. Each group will create a portfolio of humanitarian innovation opportunity projects based on a series of field partners that they will profile beforehand. The process will involve:

  1. Profiling, mapping and approaching data driven field partners that have profound understanding of a humanitarian space.

  2. Acquire projects via engaging with the field partners and brainstorming with them or as a team.

  3. If possible, identify an interested academic to supervise the project in the following academic cycle appropriate for the project.

Position Information

Position: Operations Volunteer 

Type of work: Unpaid, part-time

Commitment: Variable/Tailored

Location: Flexible

Time of work: Generally flexible, for approximately 5 hours/week


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